Sakai is a Learning Management System for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of courses. Sakai helps the instructor facilitate collaboration among students, deliver course materials, administer tests and other assignments, track student progress, and manage record-keeping.

Sakai also includes dedicated project work sites which are widely used by staff, student groups, faculty committees, thesis committees, and others tasked with important collaborative projects beyond the classroom.

All current IC students, staff and faculty, including retirees, have access to Sakai.

In this category you will find common questions that the IC Community may have regarding Sakai, or documentation related to Ithaca College-specific Sakai implementations. For an extended knowledge base catalog, please review the Sakai 12 Community Documentation ( ).

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Getting Started

Articles about setting up your course and project sites in Sakai, managing participants and more.

Leganto Reading Lists

Leganto is an online tool that enables the instructor to easily create, maintain, evaluate and share course resource lists.


Details on Account handling in Sakai for Students, Faculty and Staff and FERPA info.

Articles (13)

Pinned Article Getting Help in Sakai

An Overview of the ways you can find and get support for the Tools offered by Teaching and Learning with Technology

Pinned Article Known Issue: Sakai Lesson, External Tool Content Not Importing Properly

As of 4 pm on August 16, there is a known problem importing Sakai Lesson content from a prior site during site creation process. This article explains the problem and provides a step-by-step workaround.

FAQ: Accessibility in Sakai

This article answers frequently asked questions about Sakai 12 and accessibility.

Forums Tool - Tips for Working with Sakai Forums

Tips for Working with Sakai Forums

How To Import Exam Scores from Optical Scanning into the Sakai Gradebook

This article explains how to upload grades from optical scanning into the Sakai Gradebook.

How To: Retain Course Content Before Sakai Site Deletion

This article covers how to retain course content before sakai site deletion

Quick Guide: Student Tips for Taking an Exam

This article includes recommendations to students who are taking an exam in Sakai.

Sakai Tool Order and Tool Visibility

The Manage Tools option on Sakai Sites helps to Add and Remove Tools but if you want to change visibility or tool order, you'll need to use the Tool Order button in Site Info.

Student Guide to Submitting Text Assignments or Quizzes in the Text Editor in Sakai

Best Practices for using the Sakai Text Submission box on Assignments, forums and more. Best practices when pasting from Microsoft Word.

Using the Zoom tool in Sakai

This article covers using the Zoom tool in Sakai