Voicethread is an interactive multimedia online tool that allows users to upload media and comment on it using audio, video, text and doodles. Ithaca College has a site license for Voicethread which provides free access to all students, faculty, and staff. Voicethread is integrated with Sakai allowing instructors to group students as well as assign students to view, comment, or create Voicethreads.

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Adding a Voicethread Link to Sakai Navigation

Voicethread's integration with Sakai makes it easy for instructors to use Voicethread with the students in their courses. Instructors can add a Voicethread link to their course site which allows students to pass directly into Voicethreads which are associated with there course. Using the "External Content" Link within the Lessons tool allows the instructor to link to a specific Voicethread, or create a gradeable Voicethread assignment.

Getting Started: Voicethread at Ithaca College

Voicethread is a online tool for having asynchronous conversations around media. You can upload media files using your voice, webcam, text then share what you made with others so that they can join in the conversation. Ithaca College