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Pinned Article Managing Your Netpass Account

Information about using and managing your Netpass account.

Account Expiration Policies

Account expiration policies upon graduation, retirement, resignation, etc.

FAQ: IC Email for Alumni

Any matriculated student who attended Ithaca College for at least one semester after May 2013 is eligible for email from IC.

FAQ: Password Security

This article explains how to create strong, secure, and safe passwords, as well as addressing some of the common misconceptions about passwords.

Guests and Vendors Internet and Account Access

Internet and account options for guests, visitors and vendors.

How To: Activate Your Netpass Account

This article is a step-by-step guide to activate your Netpass. This will allow you to sign into myHome, Sakai, Intercom, WebPrint, email, and Microsoft Office 365, SiSo, IC Workflow, and

How To: Restore Missing Files or Folders on Mentor

This article explains how to restore lost files on Mentor on Microsoft Windows.

How To: Run Make Admin Script; Make Admin using Self Service on Mac

Apple MacOS users may sometimes receive a prompt stating that they do not have administrative access over their computers. MakeAdmin is a script that modifies the account in order to grant the user the required access.

Quick Guide: Netpass Password Reset - Self Service

This is a quick guide in how to reset your Netpass password.

Requesting a Name or Netpass/Email Username Change

This article is a how-to on changing Netpass usernames.

Single Sign-On

Ithaca College provides Single Sign-On capabilities through integration with various College systems via SAML2 capable Identity Provider.

Systems Review: Which account is which?

This article summarizes the functions of many Ithaca College systems in which users may have questions about their accounts.

Understanding NoMAD Password Syncing

NoMAD is a menu bar utility that keeps the password for your college owned Mac in sync with your Netpass account.